A delicate bond always forms when two people get involved in a relationship. In order to secure this type of bond you have to build up your relationship, and then you have to maintain it in order to develop a long and healthy connection. The sad fact about the situation is that all good things must come to an end if your relationship is no longer salvageable. It can be frustrating, stressful and nerve-racking which can sometimes cause a person to want to get back at their ex.

Before you get back at your ex you need to ask yourself if that is really the best thing to do. If you do it right, the art of getting your ex back can actually lead to getting your ex back, if that is your desire. If you would apply the advice below, your ex may come to appreciate you more than before, and want to get back together with you.

Stay Strong

Do not beg, it is a huge no no.  Don’t act clingy or needy, because that makes you look desperate, and they are more apt to be turned off by you, than respect you.  Be strong about the break up, even if you feel yourself falling apart on the inside.  Weakness gives your power over to your ex, and this tends to make things worse.

Do this instead, give your ex the impression that you are doing just fine without them.   This might show them that you are moving on with your life, and that they were a little hasty in breaking up with you.

Minimize Your Communication With Them

What? Are you serious? Is not talking to them a way to get back at your ex? It is just the opposite, this could be a very smart move.  It gives the both of you a time out, a chance to cool down, and re-evaluate what went wrong in your relationship.  Besides, it gives your partner more time to miss you.  Do you see where this is going now? The old saying, “absence make the heart grow fonder” is true in this case, and can actually

We should always avoid ultimatums and demands. We should be trying to sympathize and listen,  instead of arguing with our loved ones.  We need to go with the flow, and to be flexible in our relationships.  If we are able to learn how to compromise, and be reasonable in our relationships then your ex may be happy to see you.  This one-act of being flexible could help them realize how important you are, and most likely want you two to be a couple again.  It always helps your ex to realize that they don’t have to argue to get their point across, because they can also be flexible in the relationship. (: ) Now how did I know that you have argued in the past!?)

Night on the Town

Go out with some friends!  Look…you broke up…everyone knows that. Just because you broke up doesn’t mean that life has to end.  It doesn’t mean that you have to stay in bed, isolated from your friends and family, and wallow in self-pity.  Go out, and have some fun.  Let your hair down, and live a little.  You don’t have to start dating just to prove a point, and get back at your ex.  Just have a good time.  Not only will this be good for you, it will also make your ex look twice at you, and wonder why they let you go.

Be Who You Are

Just be Yourself.  That is all you need to do.  Your ex probably seen something in your true self that originally made them attracted to you.  Be confident with whoever you may be.  Nobody likes a person who puts on a  false front, and your ex, with a little time, may find the thing that they found so appealing when they first met you.  Mending the bond that broke between the two of you is a sure-fire way to get your ex back.

In Conclusion

If you were thinking that this was an article on how to get back at your ex, or getting revenge on an ex, you were wrong.  After the smoke clears after a rocky relationship, we often ask oneself why we did what we did, and wonder how we can ever get that love back.  Then getting revenge on an ex is definitely not the way, it will drive them further away.  If you follow my advice above, then you can probably make a start at getting your ex back.

Getting back at an ex is always not the best solution for mending a relationship.  Getting back with an ex is very doable.  Lots of people have done it by following the simple advice above.  I have even followed it myself.

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