How many times have you sat on the couch wondering,  “How do I get my ex back?”

We are going to give you a few different strategies on how to get my ex back, but it is up to you to follow or not follow our advise.

These are ideas that are stand alone, and cannot be done with connection of another.

Path #1: Pick a Path and Stick to it.

Path #2: The second approach is to be needy.  I can tell you right now, this is not a great path to be on.  I wouldn’t recommend this strategy.  When you are needy, you write lots of love letters, harass your significant others with hundreds of emails or texts, or call them several times a day.  If your ex is really sappy, then they may take you back, but most aren’t and you will turn them off rather than get your ex back.

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The flip side to being needy, is the second path which can be followed.  If you give your ex a little bit of space, you will have some hope in getting them back.  Your best strategy is simply to be available.  Answer their phone calls, and emails, give them a shoulder to cry on, and don’t pester them about getting back together.  It is perfectly ok to go on with your life and date other people during this phase, but don’t flaunt it in your ex’s face.  This will discourage them of ever taking you back.

Path #3: If you follow the path of availability, then you will show up at all your ex’s hangouts.  You will also find excuses for calling your ex, but never more than once every few days.  Doing this approach to in get my ex back you will also send your friends and family out to see if there is a possible reconciliation.

Path #4: If you don’t think that the being available approach will work, then maybe you will choose the third path, which is to be aggressive path.  If you choose this path, then you will be playing on the heart strings, especially the chord called jealousy.

This method  could also be called “date your ex’s best friend” because it is one one of the actions on this path.

You have to ask yourself, what you will do to make yourself your ex’s dream person, and then flirt and date his friends.  You will then start to show up at places he or she hangs out at, and you will give your ex’s friends an excessive amount of attention, and ignore the ex.

When you do get together with your ex’s friend, you should text your ex, and ask him what kind of restaurant to make reservations at for your date.  Get in your ex’s face with the fact that you have now put yourself on the market.

Your ex will look at you in a different light.  They will see you as a valuable commodity, and they will want you back.  Jealousy is a powerful human emotion.

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BE WARE!!  Playing these kinds of games could backfire on you.  If you invest a lot of emotion into deceiving your ex into wanting you, and he or she is already over you,  you could be the one coming out of the relationship being hurt.  Only you can decide whether these type of strategies are worth the consequences that could make your life miserable.

Here are a few different paths that you can take to “get my ex back.”

Personally I don’t advise playing any kind of head games with any of my relationships, but this is for you to decide not me.  If you would like to learn more about getting my ex back then click here.

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